Definitions for "checking account"
A bank account in which checks (bank drafts) may be written against deposited...
An account that allows owners to draw upon deposited funds by writing checks.
A special account which allows a person to withdraw funds from their financial institution account without having to go to the financial institution personally.
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s Girokonto
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a convenient way to make purchases without carrying cash
a convenient way to pay for something without having to carry cash with you
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a handy record-keeping device
a basic component of anyone's financial life, but that doesn't make it simple
a contractual relationship between you and your financial institution, with each party having specific responsibilities
a service provided by financial institutions (banks, savings and loans, credit unions, etc
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a good way of both tracking money and planning a budget, Young said
a very flexible and powerful money management tool that keeps
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a record of your spending when you pay for goods or services by check
a necessary aspect of your personal finances
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a very basic thing in order to live these days, period
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a debt investment