Definitions for "withdraw"
To take back or away, as what has been bestowed or enjoyed; to draw back; to cause to move away or retire; as, to withdraw aid, favor, capital, or the like.
To retire; to retreat; to quit a company or place; to go away; as, he withdrew from the company.
pull back or move away or backward; "The enemy withdrew"; "The limo pulled away from the curb"
To take back; to recall or retract; as, to withdraw false charges.
To recall or remove a question from consideration.
A motion to remove a bill from further consideration by the member who introduced the bill can only be made when the bill is in possession of the body, and must carry by unanimous consent of the members.
release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles; "I want to disengage myself from his influence"; "disengage the gears"
keep away from others; "He sequestered himself in his study to write a book"
To take money out of an account.
to take money out of a bank account.
take back what one has said; "He swallowed his words"
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To voluntarily leave a course or the university without academic penalty. A "W" letter grade will be placed on each course attempted.
To drop all courses for a given term.
Dropping all courses within the semester. Also, often used as a final grade for specific courses dropped after date of record.
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a double move away without incurring an AoO
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To withdraw money means to call them off the HYIP or any other program.
During combat, when a player has the opportunity to add a reserve, he may instead choose to withdraw a unit, turning it face-down so it becomes inactive.