Definitions for "conversion"
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a good financial decision for you, give us a call to discuss its implications and IRA rules
a movement of assets from a Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA
a taxable movement of assets from an existing IRA to a Roth IRA
a completed call to action. Typically, a lead or sale.
Webmasters measure conversion to judge the effectiveness (and ROI) of PPC and other advertising campaigns. Effective conversion tracking requires the use of some scripting and cookies to track visitors actions within a site. Log file analysis itself is not sufficient enough to effectively analysis each individual visitor.
A term used to refer to the 'conversion' of visitors to a website into customers, subscribers, or whatever the aim of the site might be. ie. "The copy on our new ad might be resposiblr for the great conversion ratio that we're experiencing.
The process of converting a convertible security, such as a bond or preferred stock, into common stock.
(1) In programming languages, the transformation between values that represent the same data item but belong to different data types. Information may be lost because of conversion since accuracy of data representation varies among different data types. . (2) The process of changing from one method of data processing to another or from one data processing system to another. IBM. (3) The process of changing from one form of representation to another; for example, changing from decimal representation to binary representation. IBM. (4) A change in the type of a value; for example, when you add values having different data types, the compiler converts both values to a common form before adding the values.
A code native to the ACCESS and PICK/BASIC languages which perform a "reversible mapping," according to the new definition of SMA. More practically, these are the special codes which alter or change the data from one format to another. For example, a money amount may be "externally converted" so that it displays the dollar sign, commas, and decimal point.
The act of interchanging the terms of a proposition, as by putting the subject in the place of the predicate, or the contrary.
A change or reduction of the form or value of a proposition; as, the conversion of equations; the conversion of proportions.
A form of eduction in which the inferred judgment takes the subject of the original proposition for its predicate, and the predicate of the original proposition for its subject.
An appropriation of, and dealing with the property of another as if it were one's own, without right; as, the conversion of a horse.
The process or work of transferring information from one information system to another. Conversion may be the input of data from paper maps to a computer database, or migration of data from one automated system to another.
Where a person deals with property that is not theirs, in a manner inconsistent with the rights of the owner• Time Limits in Civil Matters
The act of turning or changing from one state or condition to another, or the state of being changed; transmutation; change.
The act of changing one's views or course, as in passing from one side, party, or from of religion to another; also, the state of being so changed.
A change of front, as a body of troops attacked in the flank.
An extra point attempt worth 2 points. See "extra point". Ylimääräinen yritys (Pinomaa) "Lisäpiste/lisäpisteyritys"
a successful free throw or try for point after a touchdown
First, it is used to describe when the offensive term advances the ball beyond the “first down” marker during a series of downs. When the offense does this they are allotted a new set of downs (it is considered first down again). Secondly, after the offense has scored a “touchdown”, they will try to score an “extra point” (also called extra point conversion).
An example of an arbitrage trade, where the future is purchased and a synthetic future is sold by buying a put option and selling a call option with the same maturity and strike price on the same underlying asset. Entered into when the relationship described as put/call parity has broken down, and the future is relatively cheap to the synthetic. The opposite of a reversal.
In relation to options markets, long underlying position together with a short call and long put, where both options have the same exercise price and expiration date conversion is a long underlying position offset by a synthetic short underlying position.
Knocking down the remaining pins in a frame for either a strike or a spare.
The extracting, manipulation, editing, manual review, and then loading of existing data to a new database system.
Conversion is the process of moving our data and our work to the new system.
A process that moves a product from an old design to a new design and analyzes the organization's business rules to improve the implementation.
The peaceful transformation of a political opponent through voluntary agreement and free choice. The instruments of conversion include love, conscience, and reason.
an event that results in a transformation
a transformation of an object or value from one type to another
is the number or percentage of recipients that complete a promotion's ultimate goal. Conversions are also defined as the number of actual sales derived from a promotional sales campaign, which is generally the most important measurement of a campaign's success.
A kick at the goal posts, after a try has been awarded, that scores 2 points. It can be a dropkick or a placekick. If a placekick, the opponents can rush as soon as the kicker moves toward the ball, but a dropkick can't be rushed. The kick is taken from a spot perpendicular to where the try was awarded.
The number of people who end up completing a promotion or advertisement's ultimate goal - whether an actual transaction/sale, registration to a Web site or contest entry.
a situation where a person has been explained the basic beliefs necessary to understand the Gospel
The act of turning or being turned to religious belief
The beginning of salvation, occurring when a person repents, believes the gospel, and enters into a personal relationship with Christ. Conversion is not merely a change of belief but the beginning of a new life in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17), which is a process of growth into the image and likeness of God. Our salvation is the working together of conversion, justification, and sanctification throughout life.
Process of transferring data from current administrative systems to PeopleSoft.
The preferred AcceleratedSAP term for the process of establishing interfaces or methods to facilitate the transfer of large amounts of data to an R/3 System (as opposed to the term "data transfer").
The actual "moving" of the records from SIS to PeopleSoft.
a change of religion; "his conversion to the Catholic faith"
The ritual of a Gentile becoming a proselye to Rabbinic Judaism, Gentile Conversion is not necessary in Messianic Judaism.
self-conscious commitment to a religious faith and practice sometimes accompanied by behavioral "signs"
Any act which deprives an owner of property without that owner's permission and without just cause.
This means that there has been a wrongful act of interference that deprives the owner of rights over their goods. So wrongfully taking goods into possession is conversion.
In law, conversion is an intentional tort to personal property (same as chattel), where defendant's unjustified willful interference with the chattel deprives plaintiff of possession of such chattel. Plaintiff must have actual possession or an immediate right to possession at the time of the wrong. Absolute ownership is not necessary to establish standing to bring action.
The call to think differently about who God is and about who I am as an individual.
Defined by the Catechism of the Catholic Church as "a radical reorientation of the whole life away from sin and evil, and toward God." Bernard Lonergran, S.J., writes, "It is not the substitution of a new self-image, no matter how upright, for an old one. It reaches down into the roots of an individual's affections, images, dreams, and choices…."
a stock guitar that has been either rebuilt, reconstructed, re-carved, redesigned, reworked, refretted, reassembled, refinished or all of the above
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A memberâ€(tm)s option to purchase an individual policy on termination of group coverage without evidence of insurability.
Once a person is no longer eligible for coverage under a group plan, the person may apply to have eligibility transferred to an individual policy. The premiums will be greater than group rates and benefits will also vary from the group plan.
The exchange of group insurance for insurance under an individual policy purchased from a private insurance company approved by the Office of Personnel Management.
an enzymatically-driven process with serine-active carboxyl esterase(s) being centrally involved
a miraculous thing and thrilling to witness, even "virtually" through the lens of blogland
In the plastics industry, conversion is the processing of raw materials into usable forms, e.g. the conversion of plastic pellets into films or the conversion of films into food containers. The steps involved include compounding (the mixing together of various raw materials, e.g. polymers and additives), melting and extruding, shaping and solidifying.
Coating Inorganic pre-treatment for metal substrates that prepare the surface for coating. Co-polymer Large molecules resulting from the simultaneous polymerisation of two or more monomer units.
a tangle of loneliness, ambition, fear and, of course, hope
a "result" such as a sale or a web form submition
the doctrine of conversion states that where land is held on trust for sale, the interests of the beneficiaries are deemed to be interests in the proceeds of sale, even before the land has been sold. Treating interests in land in this way simplified conveyancing but produced artificiality and inconsistency in relation to the categorisation of interests as interests in land or in the proceeds of sale.
Conversion factors Correction Wave Corrective Bearish Elliott AWE chart pattern
Christian recognition of the classic words of St Peter who responded to a question by Jesus and described him as the long awaited messiah .
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Cubic Feet to Cubic Metres Divide by 35.3148 Pounds (lbs) to Kilos (kgs) Divide by 2.204
when applied to an education unit is one which extends the competencies gained by someone with a non-University certificate to a standard required for the University award course (eg the Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education unit ESV209)
a function that takes as arguments an environment e and a term to be rewritten t , and returns a triple
a very interesting subject and its implementation can take many forms
The taking or stealing of a client's money.
Calgary Alberta's major annual sf convention.
modification of the basic physical properties — e.g., hydrology, soil structure, topography, vegetation — of an ecosystem
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a Windows-only feature of iTunes
Periodically, mutual fund companies will restructure specific funds or groups of funds. When this takes place, a new CUSIP and/or symbol will be assigned to the security. The back office will then perform a "conversion" of that CUSIP to update all positions on the firm's stock record.
a way to exploit mispricings in carrying costs
a term used by marketers to describe the final outcome of a site visit
When a user visits a website and makes an enquiry, download or purchase.
Conversion is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.
The permanent clearing of forestland for a non-forest use, such as residential development.
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The percentage of people you send to an affiliate site that buy. 1% is the industry average. Getting conversions is the name of the game in affiliate marketing.
A recipient of an email message who buys.
"Conversion" is a classic marketing term. In email marketing, a conversion occurs when the recipient of an email message performs the action the marketer intended when sending the message, such as buying the advertised product or adding the sender's address to a personal address book or contact list. Conversion is one of the measurements a marketer uses to determine a campaign's success.
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a non trivial operation (not just a projection) I just don't feel we can miss out this point
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A plan that may be offered between the insurance company and the participant once COBRA has ended.
The process by which B Class shares become A Class shares in the eighth year following purchase. The effect is to lower the amount of service and distribution fees from 1.00% to 0.25%.
The process of turning a prospective customer into a first time buyer or a first time buyer into a repeat purchaser
The process of taking a file of type A and turning it into a file of type B. Usually a conversion will result in a loss of quality.
The progression of an inquirer from a mailing list into a purchaser.
The act of establishing a preexisting name in accordance with the rules of this code.
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An unlawful negotiating of an asset of which belongs to the lender that holds a perfected security interest in a specific asset.
the right of an investor or lender to force a company to replace the investor's preferred shares or the lender's debt with common shares at a preset conversion ratio. A conversion feature was first used in railroad bonds in the 1800s.
a point at which network troubles can occur, an opportunity for errors and distortions to be introduced
Cutting up of tree into desired lengths. The merchant who purchases the timber will usually dictate the lengths of timber they will need according to their market.
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a voltage source that controls a heater
a lot more straight forward than you would imagine, with the added benefits of enhancing the appearance of your home and increasing its value
a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life
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A made basket or free throw.
A subscriber's first time renewal, after which it is simply referred to as a renewal. Magazine conversion rates are usually much lower than renewal rates.
A cabinet which was originally manufactured for one game, but has had software and artwork replaced to produce a different game.
Heat is generated by passing energy through the tissue or substances in heating of body tissues by ultrasound
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The process of creating a three dimensional (3D) item from a flat sheet of paper. i.e. envelope conversion / box conversion
One of the basic operations defined by the IEEE standard.
the use of a sphere of exchange for a transaction with which it is not generally associated.
a reportable transaction
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(see category shift)
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a big problem
Cross Rates
Conversion by a borrower of an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage.
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see type conversion.