Definitions for "Topography"
The description of a particular place, town, manor, parish, or tract of land; especially, the exact and scientific delineation and description in minute detail of any place or region.
The shape and form of Earth's surface as expressed in elevations above or below sea level.
the physical ground features of an area.
A digital image processing device used to measure the shape of the cornea. It is used before refractive surgeries to identify certain individuals with conditions making refractive surgery an unacceptably unpredictable undertaking. It can also be used after surgery to identify unusual cornea shapes during the healing process.
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The primary/secondary bus can be fiber optic, Ethernet, Arcnet, RS232, RS485, wireless, depending on the system.
The arrangement of hills and valleys in a geographic area.
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Used to measure the low or high areas of a plane