Definitions for "Relief"
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The projection of a figure above the ground or plane on which it is formed.
The appearance of projection given by shading, shadow, etc., to any figure.
The height to which works are raised above the bottom of the ditch.
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A fine or composition which the heir of a deceased tenant paid to the lord for the privilege of taking up the estate, which, on strict feudal principles, had lapsed or fallen to the lord on the death of the tenant.
relevium] The fee paid by the heir of a deceased person on securing possession of a fief. Tradition determines the amount demanded. (MEDIEV-L. Medieval Terms) A fine paid by the heir of a vassal to the lord for the privilege of succeeding to an estate. (Gies, Joseph and Francis. Life in a Medieval Castle, 231) Payment due to a manorial lord upon inheritance. (Bennett, Judith M. Women in the Medieval English Countryside, 234) Payment to king or feudal lord on succession to property. (Sayles, George O. The King's Parliament of England, 145) Note: from relevare (Latin), to take up
dues owed to the overlord when a vassal dies or retires
The elevations and surface undulations of a country.
Altitude variation of an area; difference between highest and lowest levels.
Printmaking method in which the inked surface of the plate or block prints and areas or lines that are gouged out do not print. Examples include woodcut, linoleum cut, relief etching and relief collograph.
The act of relieving, or the state of being relieved; the removal, or partial removal, of any evil, or of anything oppressive or burdensome, by which some ease is obtained; succor; alleviation; comfort; ease; redress.
That which removes or lessens evil, pain, discomfort, uneasiness, etc.; that which gives succor, aid, or comfort; also, the person who relieves from performance of duty by taking the place of another; a relay.
That assistance, redress, or benefit sought by a person filing a complaint before a court.
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The forward curvature in a neck that allows the strings to vibrate without hitting the frets.
the upward bow found in an instruments neck that allows the strings to vibrate without hitting the frets.
The upward arching bow in an instrument's neck that allows the strings to move without touching the frets. A bowed or warped neck will have to be heated and pressed to restore the neck to correct relief.
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means "to move your ball away from" .
When the player is allowed to move the ball by hand according to the rules.
When a golfer is allowed to lift the ball and then drop it in another area under the Rules of Golf.
A change made to the player's lie, such that a non-permanent obstacle is removed from the vicinity, or when that is impractical, by moving the lie away from the obstacle in accordance with section 403.04
A change made to the player's lie or surrounding area, such that an obstacle is removed from the vicinity, or when that is impractical, the lie is relocated away from the obstacle in accordance with section 803.04 C.
a software program designed to complete all facets of HMDA compliance requirements
a Windows product designed to totally automate the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) submission process including importing testing geocoding (census tract) and submission
Exemptions and rebates designed to offset the cost of the tax.
The amount one plane surface of a piece is set below or above another plane, usually for clearance or for economy in machining.
A section at the corner of a part that is ground or scraped away ) to provide clearance for a nesting part. Also sometimes used interchangeably with "secondary clearance" for cutting tools.
The result of the removal of tool material behind or adjacent to the cutting lip and leading edge of the land to provide clearance and prevent rubbing (heel drag).
See remedy.
money damages or any other remedy the plaintiff seeks in a complaint.
Legal remedy.
A feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress : much to her relief, she saw the door open.
efforts directed at the alleviation of pain or distress.125
a pause for relaxation; "people actually accomplish more when they take time for short rests"
the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance); "he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain"
the act of freeing a city or town that has been besieged; "he asked for troops for the relief of Atlanta"
Release from a post, or from the performance of duty, by the intervention of others, by discharge, or by relay; as, a relief of a sentry.
Response: The provision of assistance and/or intervention during or immediately after a disaster to meet the life preservation and basic subsistence needs of those people affected.
Any benefit which a court judgement offers the winning party in a lawsuit.
Whatever a party to a divorce proceeding asks the court to do: dissolve the marriage, award support, enforce a prior court order or decree, divide property, enjoin certain behavior, dismiss the complaint of the other party, and so on.
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Français :ÉRelève Deutsch : Ablösung The scheduled substitution of one driver for another on a bus. See also : Relief time, RELIEF OPPORTUNITY, RELIEF POINT
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distance from the crest of the parapet to the bottom of the ditch; relief is a component of the profile.
a pleasure that comes from the satisfaction of a need and results in the reduction, avoidance, or elimination of pain
The reduction or elimination of pressure from a specific area under a denture base.
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aid for the aged or indigent or handicapped; "he has been on relief for many years"
Cerain products, for example plates and dishes, can be produced in relief. Produced after desired original.
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a tax implemented by Henry I that required a son who wished to inherit his father's properties to pay the king. (p. 338)
a big priority in the upcoming negotiations
a social welfare department of Islamic Circle of North America,
assistance in time of difficulty; "the contributions provided some relief for the victims"
public assistance, aid
Something which reduces your taxable income (which is the aggregate of all your incomes, less deductions and reliefs after your personal allowances.) A relief may also reduce your tax liability although your taxable income is not reduced. For example farmer's averaging may reduce your tax liability if you transfer income from one year to another, and your marginal tax rate is lower in that other year.
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Remote keyboard
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someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult); "the star had a stand-in for dangerous scenes"; "we need extra employees for summer fill-ins"
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Person doing your job while you are off tour.
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help for poor people
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Features rising above the field
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a change for the better