Definitions for "Denial"
The act of gainsaying, refusing, or disowning; negation; -- the contrary of affirmation.
A refusal to admit the truth of a statement, charge, imputation, etc.; assertion of the untruth of a thing stated or maintained; a contradiction.
A refusal to grant; rejection of a request.
Denial is the defendant's formal statement that the facts against him in a complaint are not true.
Plea entered by a respondent in juvenile court disagreeing with the allegations in a petition. (similar to a not guilty plea in criminal court)
the act of asserting that something alleged is not true
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Saying you did not do something when in fact you did. May appear to be lying but denial can include twisting the truth. ("Mel was in denial about watching his daughter get undressed, although she caught him several times.")
1. Acronym: Don't Even Notice I Am Lying 2. Not just a River in Egypt
The belief that it hasn't happened, that it is not as bad as you think, and that it won't last for very long. Particularly embraced by absent parents or other extended family and by many sufferers in the early stages of the illness.
Denial (Greek: Άρνηση) is a poem by Giorgos Seferis (1900-1971) published in his collection Turning Point in 1931. After the coup that overthrew the Greek government in 1967, Seferis went into exile and many of his poems were banned, including the musical versions which Mikis Theodorakis had written and arranged. Denial came to be the anthem of resistance to the regime and was sung by the crowds at lining the streets at Seferis' funeral.
a comment, so he has avoided even those
Avoiding physical or emotional conflict or loss; many rehab professionals over-ascribe denial to their patients. Hoping for functional improvement should not be misunderstood as denying disability.
The act of blindly rejecting the importance or value of something with the intent of alleviating the instinctual desire for it; or, the act of disregarding seemingly factual information with the intent to avoid dealing with the ramifications of accepting that information.
A deluded mental factor that does not wish to purify non-virtuous actions that we have committed or downfalls that we have incurred. See Understanding the Mind.
a state of mind that precludes developing useful alternatives to vision loss.
Denial was a 1998 film written and directed by Adam Rifkin. It was released to video under the title Something About Sex. The plot revolved around couples as they struggle with the hardships of maintaining a monogamous relationship.
a relinquishment, and it should not be made with too much vehemence
In general, a card or effect that prevents an opponent from achieving whatever result they were going for (like removing a Character from play so an attack fails, or canceling an Event). Cards like Nerve Gas (Character denial) and Confucian Stability (Event denial) are good examples. Some people think of denial exclusively as stopping a winning attack (denying the win) and talk about cards with other effects as "permission", "removal" or "stoppers" instead. It's all denial to me. The precise definition of these terms seems to be most important to current and ex-Magic players :)
When permission to perform a particular action has been declined.
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Am agency's decision not to release any part of a record or records in response to a FOIA request because all the information in the requested records is determined by the agency to be exempt under one or more of the FOIA's exemptions, or for some procedural reason.
A notice received following a request for pre-certification/prior authorization from a third party payer. The notice reflects the reviewers findings that the equipment prescribed is either/or found to be not medically necessary, or not covered by the policy. The reason for the denial is stated within the documentation, and is sometimes successfully reversed through an appeal process.
A process by which the agency or organization informs the requesting party that the service or device requested will not be provided.
The process of reviewing a claim and deciding that, due to the terms of the policy contract, no benefits are due for the claim.
The insurance company decision to withhold a claim payment or preauthorization. A denial may be made because the medical service is not covered, not medically necessary, or experimental, or investigational.
A denial occurs when a reservations agent tells a customer that they cannot book at a given rate (a hotel room, airline ticket, etc.), when the capacity still exists to fulfill that demand. Denials are characteristic of the Yield Approach and the Revenue Approach in managing the reservation making process to maximize revenues.
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a form of adjudication, and an adjudication is what they paid for
The determination that a client is not eligible for assistance or that information or verification sufficient to establish eligibility is lacking. See: Applications
Determination that certain care or services cannot be reimbursed.
A family who applies for the Child Care Assistance Program and does not meet the eligibility requirements must be given a Denial.
Call condition that occurs when no circuits are available and a busy tone is returned to the calling party. [This situation is distinctly different from delay in that denial is not time-related and can only be measured in terms of the percentage of calls denied.] See blocking.
renunciation of your own interests in favor of the interests of others
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Edit Delete
The process of taking back, or debiting, the merchant's credit card funds after the funds have been paid to the merchant. This occurs when a customer disputes a credit card transaction. The merchant must respond to the charge back and provide proof that the product or service was provided to the customer.
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Not permitting the player being guarded to have the ball.