Definitions for "Delay "
Delay is a program that counts down the number of seconds specified on its command line. In this way, it's sort of like the standard sleep command, except for the fact that it provides feedback of the time remaining.
A putting off or deferring; procrastination; lingering inactivity; stop; detention; hindrance.
To put off; to defer; to procrastinate; to prolong the time of or before.
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Usually a pause placed between two steps in a macro. Delays may be required in order for some devices to properly sense two separate commands, or may be used to wait for a device to finish powering up. Most remotes with macro capabilities insert a preset delay between steps; some allow you to lengthen that delay or completely customize it. See also: macro.
The difference in the starting points of two sine-waves having the same frequency. Measured in seconds.
1/100ths of a second display the next image after pausing
Delays occur when traffic volume exceeds capacity (–). The ATFM (–) office in Brussels compiles a register of delays in upper airspace which are generated by the various air traffic control service providers. Skyguide strives to improve capacity, and has achieved a constant reduction in delays over the past three years.
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to dilute [GTSW
stop or halt; "Please stay the bloodshed!"
Specifies the maximum delay that a packet stays in NetEnforcer. If the packet exceeds this delay, the packet is discarded.
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To allay; to temper.
A HELLO metric. Valid values are from 0 to 30000, inclusive. The value of 30000 is the maximum metric and means unreachable. See metric and HELLO.
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The spinning of the disc without corresponding flight movement, usually by contact with the finger nails of the player, although toes, elbows or other objects are also used.
Allowing the disc to spin continuously on one's fingernail or other body part.
Applied to any time-varying physical quantity, usually periodic, its displacement in time relative to a similar reference quantity. For example, the temperature in soil depends on depth and time. If the surface temperature varies sinusoidally, so does the temperature at any depth, but it is out of phase (is delayed) relative to the surface temperature. There is a phase shift or phase delay or phase lag of soil temperature relative to surface temperature. Although these three terms are most often applied to waves, nothing inherent in the concept of a delay restricts it to waves. Compare lag.
Character can delay action as long as they wish, declaring at the beginning of the following phase in which they wish to act; new phase becomes character's Initiative phase
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Investors receive interest and principal from mortgage pass-through securities after a stated delay. The delay is stated to be 45, 50, 55 and 75 days for GNMAs, GNMA IIs, FNMAs and FHLMCs, respectively. For example, interest for the month of January would be paid on February 15 for GNMAs, February 20 for GNMA IIs, February 25 for FNMAs and March 15 for FHLMCs. On these dates, the security holder would also receive any principal payments made by the mortgage holders during the month of January. However, since interest for the month of January would be paid on February 1 if there were no delays, the actual delays are 14, 19, 24 and 44 days, respectively.
Some sequencers have a delay facility, which enables data for one track to be sent slightly delayed relative to data for another track. The idea of this is to permit instruments to be properly synchronized when one responds more rapidly to data than another. This is not an effect I have encountered, but a delay facility is presumably more than a little useful with a system that does suffer from this problem. Significant delays are sometimes introduced (so it is said) when data passes from an 'IN' socket to a 'THRU' socket. With a large system using the chain method of connection it is corrupted data rather than significant delays that would seem to be the main danger.
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a must for sports because the MM can't cose the accounts of past-post traders
The act of catching or trapping the footbag as opposed to kicking or striking it. Delays are one category of adds.
a placeholder for the value of some expression
Even under All Risk coverage, damage due to delay is not recoverable. Most underwriters have inserted a "Delay Cause" in the Open Cargo Policy, which states specifically that damage caused by delay is not recoverable even if the delay was due to a peril insured against.
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In digital music editing and creation process, this term refers to a resonance which is heard just after the original tone.
act later than planned, scheduled, or required; "Don't delay your application to graduate school or else it won't be considered"
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a problem, and we would like to push forward
a condition that your child will eventually grow out of