Definitions for "cargo"
Deep in space : a ship is slowly moving. A big one. The kind of spaceship dedicated to transporting heavy cargo from a planet to another one. No life on his board. Everything is remotely controlled. By YOU.
The lading or freight of a ship or other vessel; the goods, merchandise, or whatever is conveyed in a vessel or boat; load; freight.
The goods for transport in any volume, and the type of service airlines provide to transport the goods. Exceptions: (a) Mail or other property under the terms of an international postal convention. (b) Baggage carried under a passenger ticket and baggage check. Unaccompanied baggage moving under an Air Waybill is cargo. See Air Freight.
This is usually covered under a Marine Insurance policy, whether for domestic or international journeys, by sea, air or land. There are three internationally recognised types of cover, known as 'Institute Cargo Clauses A, B and C'. These have replaced three old covers with antiquated wordings known as All Risks, With Average (WA) and Free of Particular Average (FPA).
Generally refers to commodities with respect to Marine Insurance policies – covering domestic and international journeys by land, sea, or air.
Cargo magazine, founded in March 2004, was created to fit a niche of the male demographic tailored for the fashionable and the trendy. During this time, metrosexualism was a hot commodity, and Conde Nast Publishing authorized a male spin-off of the popular female shopping magazine Lucky. Cargo magazine had a complimentary website
Cargo is a 2006 thriller film. It was directed by Clive Gordon, produced by Andrea Calderwood and Juan Gordon, and written by Paul Laverty. The film features the actors Peter Mullan, Daniel Brühl, Luis Tosar, Samuli Edelmann and Gary Lewis.
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Cargo is the second album by Australian band Men at Work, released in 1983. (see 1983 in music).
Cargo is a rock band from Timişoara, Romania, founded by guitarist Adrian Bãrar in 1985.
Cardiac Allograft Rejection GeneExpression Observational study
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a member of the WOW alliance
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a division of WTC GROUP
(Sp.) -- ayllu-level political or religious post.
Characterized by sporting a large pocket usually with a flap and a pleat.
Name given to escaped slaves when they received assistance from conductors on the Underground Railroad.