Definitions for "Rejection"
Attack of the transplant organ by the immune system.
Non-acceptance of e.g. cargo.
Refusal by an insurance company to underwrite a risk; or denial of a claim by an insurer. (See also: declination.)
In reverse osmosis processes, the degree of removal of dissolved salts from the feed water as it passed through a semi-permeable membrane (also called "salt rejection"); expressed as a percentage of the feed water TDS. (See total dissolved solids.)
In a membrane system is expressed as a percent of the total presence of those contaminants that are larger than the membrane's pore size and are retained by it or repelled by an electrical charge.
The percentage of TDS removed from the feed water. Typically greater than 90% rejection is achieved with reverse osmosis.
Total elimination of a particular target or range of targets.
Discrimination prevents signal from unacceptable targets
An indication of target nonacceptance by a null in threshold or broken sound while operating in a discriminate mode.
A ruling by an examiner in an office action that one or more claims are not allowed.
If the subject matter is said to be unpatentable, it is rejected by the examiner. An application that is "rejected" will continue to have that status until the applicant replies satisfactorily to the examiner's action (within a stated period of time) or until the application becomes abandoned.
The customer's state of mind such that disengagement from the current relationship has already been decided and has been or soon will be implemented. Negative word of mouth is likely to occur. j k y z Misc
a terrible ego blow, but it can work to your advantage and make your eventual published work that much stronger
the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"
Proposing any deviation from the terms of the offer constitutes a rejection of the original offer and becomes a new offer. (See counteroffer)
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A possible outcome of buzz. Opposite of adoption. A distinction can be made between active rejection ("I don't want a Palm Pilot") and passive rejection ("I like it, but not now").
The Technical Analysis term used to describe price action whereby price reaches a peak or trough and then retreats from that level instantaneously.
Emotional rejection is the feeling a person experiences when disappointed about not achieving something desired or expected that arises from another person or person taking actions which they feel indicates that they are being personally rejected.
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Under rule 9.8.10 of standing orders, a bill is rejected if the vote at Stage 3 is not valid. A Stage 3 vote is valid only if the number of members who voted is more than one quarter of the total number of MSPs.
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renegotiable rate reserve
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a good thing in Willow's Law of Ratios Theory
A microphone's ability to selectively exclude sounds coming from outside it's pickup pattern.
It is the ratio between the gain of a filter in its stop-band to the gain in its pass-band. Usually expressed in dB.
A means of eliminating noise from the image by filtering low-amplitude signals.
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Polished or rough diamond of very poor quality.
The act of identifying an item as not meeting quality specifications.
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Act of rejecting, or state of being rejected.
the speech act of rejecting
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A difference of opinion
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Slang for a blocked shot.
the state of being rejected