Definitions for "Passive"
Not active, but acted upon; suffering or receiving impressions or influences; as, they were passive spectators, not actors in the scene.
Receiving or enduring without either active sympathy or active resistance; without emotion or excitement; patient; not opposing; unresisting; as, passive obedience; passive submission.
Inactive; inert; unreactive; not showing strong affinity; as, red phosphorus is comparatively passive.
The term passive may apply to a player or a game and denotes that there is a lack or raising or betting, with most of the action involving checking and calling. For a further discussion of passive play, please read the Gentleman's Guide to Poker.
A player who does not play many pots, and rarely raises when he or she does.
An opponent who rarely raises – as opposed to aggressive.
See "Docile" & "Submissive".
Quiet, submissive non-contributor, willing to receive corrective training. Docile and submissive in swinging (see DISCIPLINE)
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(1) A metal corroding under the control of a surface reaction product. (2) The state of the metal surface characterized by low corrosion rates in a potential region that is strongly oxidizing for the metal. (3) The state of a metal when its behavior is much more noble than its position in the EMF series would predict. This is a surface phenomena.
A characteristic condition of stainless steels which impedes normal corrosion tendencies to the point where the metal remains virtually un-attacked — hence passive to its environment.
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Passive ARCnet hub
peacefully resistant in response to injustice; "passive resistance"
A hydroponic system with out a pump. The plants take up nutrients through a fibrous wick from the pot to the nutrient solution. The solution will generally have a bubbler to maintain proper oxygenation.
simple) diffusion Net movement of a molecule across a membrane down its concentration gradient at a rate proportional to the gradient and the permeability of the membrane.
a strategy for resolving a conflict where one gives in or forfeits one's own interest. For example, a child might walk away, or let a friend win without a comment or just an acknowledgment.
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a UK term for 'bottom'. A man who prefers to take, be penetrated.
In a double or two-panel door assembly, the door which usually remains closed and fixed by bolts at top and bottom. The other door panel is used for regular passage.
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A technique by which each row and column of the display are multiplexed or addressed in turn (also can be referred to as Duty Type).
Investment approach to match returns with the index/benchmark. See index tracking.
Low-level learning that occurs through repetition.
not expressing your feelings. Acting as though others' needs are more important than your own. Going along with someone or something when you don't want to.
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Passive electronics