Definitions for "Power Output"
A measure, usually in watts, of the energy output by an amplier. It may be expressed as watts per channel, or the total for all channels combined.
A measure of a power amplifier's ability, in watts, to deliver electrical voltage and current to a speaker.
The amount of power, usually measured in watts per channel, delivered by a power amplifier or integrated amplifier to loudspeakers. The rated maximum rms or continuous sine wave power output is a less relevant indicator of the dynamic range capability of an amplifier than its peak output power capability or its peak current delivery measured in Amps. Amplifier power output is usually specified relative to an 8 Ohm resistive load. However the majority of loudspeakers present a load that varies according to audio frequency, rising at loudspeaker drive unit resonant frequency but often decreasing elsewhere across the bandwidth. Impedances lower than 4 Ohms require an amplifier to have considerable current drive capacity.
Power delivered at the flywheel, usually expressed in kiloWatts or horsepower.
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The power of the radio signal as it leaves the RF Unit.
The amount of energy produced by a component.