Definitions for "Amplifier"
A device which increases the level of a signal.
The part of the synthesizer that amplifies the sound that is generated by the oscillator. It normally has a control input which affects the level of amplification and which is normally be driven by an envelope or an LFO.
A device you can connect to your antenna to increase the signal strength and amplify weak incoming signals.
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Amplifier are an alternative rock band from Manchester, England. The band has a unique and expressive sound despite the fact that it consists of only three members. This can be largely attributed to singer and guitarist Sel Balamir who is seen to be the band’s backbone.
Amplifier is the debut album of the Manchester alternative rock band Amplifier. Originally released by Music For Nations on June 6 2004, it was re-released by German-based label SPV in May 2005 after the collapse of the former. The Music For Nations release came in two formats, jewel case with 10 tracks, and Digi-Pac with 13 tracks.
Amplifier is not a greatest hits album by New Zealand group, The Dance Exponents released in 1986.
One of the components of a hearing aid. Within these circuits, sound is processed, adapted, and amplified according to the required settings that are individual to the user.
an essential component for getting the best sound from your system
Amplifiers magnify the sound as it is transmitted to the headset and usually have a volume control, a headset switch and a mute function. Many handsets have external amplifiers. Some types of phones have internal amplifiers.
A circuit that produces a larger voltage or current than was applied at its input.
a circuit that uses that tiny amount of electricity to control a much larger flow of electricity from the battery
a machine which takes a small alternating current and turns it into a larger copy of the same thing
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a product that creates a moist barrier on your skin which traps the tanning rays that may have otherwise been reflected away
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An atomic explosion.
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a critical link in your audio chain
an essential part of any audio set up
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a black box into which we plug other stereo components (DVD, CD, video player, etc
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One who or that which amplifies.