Definitions for "DVD"
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Digital Versatile Disk. This is a form of storage media which uses the same technology as CD-ROM but has a higher density of pits on each layer of the disk. A DVD can be a dual sided media and the technology also allows the DVD to have multiple layers, creating an increase in storage capacity. A DVD has the ability to store large amounts of data up to 4.7 GB per side for a single layer disk. See Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Linear Tape Open (LTO), Jukebox and Magneto Optical Disk (MOD).
Digital Video Disc - An amazing new digital storage medium that can hold hours of high resolution video (MPEG-2 encoded digital video) with Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound, all on a disc the size of a CD.
Digital Versatile Disk; a high-density compact disk for storing large amounts of data, especially high-resolution audio-visual material.
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Some game consoles like Xbox® can play normal DVDs when using a custom DVD remote controller.
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Direct Vendor Delivery
Acronym for "Developing Very Dangerously".