Definitions for "Minidisc"
Digital recording, but inferior to CD or DAT as it compresses the Audio.
The digital home recording format that beat DCC in the race to become the next generation recording format to replace compact cassette. It uses a 64mm disc contained in a protective plastic case that can record up to 74 minutes of digital stereo audio. Recordings can be enhanced by adding text information alongside the audio to display track title, artist and any other information you want. Text is displayed on the screen at the front of the deck. Prerecorded discs are read by an optical laser in a similar way to CD, while blank discs are recorded magnetically using a laser and read optically.
magnetic medium like a computer disc launched as a recordable competitor to audio CD and expected to be launched for digital uses in the mid-90s
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see CD-ROM.
a small image that contains the physical characteristics of the copy protection found on a game
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a smaller version of a CD