Definitions for "CD-I"
Compact Disc interactive ( CD-i), a multimedia standard introduced by Philips in 1987. The standard covers both disc and player. Approximately 1m CD-i players have been sold worldwide, but, now only used for some education and training applications.
ompact isc nteractive specified by Green Book, designed as a TV adjunct featuring simultaneous integration of various levels of sound, audio, animation, graphics, and limited video. Used for multimedia and interactive software.
Compact Disc-Interactive: A compact disc format developed by Philips and Sony that stores audio pictures and animated graphics and full motion video as well on a standard size CD. Up to 144 minutes of CD-quality stereo sound, 9.5 hours of AM-radio-quality stereo or up to 19 hours of single cannel (mono) audio can be stored on a CD-I. You must use a CD-I player to play CD-I discs; they will not play in a CD-ROM player. The standards for CD-I are known as the Green Book.
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CD I nteractive.
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OM-1 (Open MPEG Consortium)