Definitions for "DVD+RW"
A re-writable 12 cm optical disc with a capacity of 4.7GB per side developed by Philips and Pioneer as an alternative to DVD-RAM. It is claimed to offer almost total compatibility with existing players, but is not an official DVD format.
This standard reads standard DVD-ROM discs, and reads and writes to DVD+RW media.
Another rewritable DVD recording format is DVD+RW. It shares several similarities with DVD-RW: single-sided discs offers a capacity of 4.7 GB (about 2 hours of studio-quality video); they can be erased and re-recorded upon up to 1,000 times; and once a disc has been recorded and finalized, it can be played back in some regular home DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. But one key difference is that the DVD+RW recorders and drives feature a special recording mode (known as "CAV", or constant angular velocity) which allows video sequences to be edited and rearranged after recording. However, keep in mind that discs recorded in CAV mode are not playable in most home DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives. A write-once version of this kind of disc — known as DVD+R — is also available. DVD+R discs have the same storage capacity specs as their rewritable counterparts, but the write-once version may have a slightly higher incidence of compatibility with home players and computer DVD-ROM drives.
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(Yes)(Yes) DVD Size Type Layer Side Movie Data
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