Definitions for "Digital Versatile Disk"
Keywords:  videocassette, rom, mpeg, dvd, disk
This is a form of storage media which uses the same technology as CD-ROM but has a higher density of pits on each layer of the disk. A DVD can be a dual sided media and the technology also allows the DVD to have multiple layers, creating an increase in storage capacity. A DVD has the ability to store large amounts of data up to 4.7 GB per side for a single layer disk. See Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT), Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Digital Linear Tape (DLT), Linear Tape Open (LTO), Jukebox and Magneto Optical Disk (MOD).
High capacity computer disk the size of a CD-ROM but has a significantly higher storage capacity; typically used for storing movies.
Developed as the replacement for CD-ROM, this technology permits up to 17GB of data to be stored on a single disk.  DVD uses the MPEG-2 compression standard.