Definitions for "jukebox "
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A phonograph or compact disc player with multiple discs, requiring the insertion of coins prior to playing, and allowing the user to select the playing of any disc in its inventory. An early version was called the nickelodeon.
a data-storage device having multiple compact discs, of which only one may be on-line at any given time, which permits the user (through computer commands) to select on-line access to any disc from its inventory, in a manner reminiscent of a musical jukebox{1}.
A cabinet that is part of an automated optical disk system storing disks, using robotics for retrieval, and having one or more computer drives. See also OPTICAL DISK (OD).
Software that is designed to play a list of sound files in a user-specified order reminiscent of jukeboxes used to play vinyl records.
a cabinet containing an automatic record player; records are played by inserting a coin
An automatic phonograph that plays recordings when money is inserted into a coin slot.
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jukebox is a simple set of programs that "emulate" a classic jukebox. There is a player running in the background and a Web-based frontend. It was originally intended for an Internet cafe to let the customers choose the music they want to hear as a cheap alternative to a real jukebox.
a device designed with the purpose of playing music
a music box found in a bar used for dancing
A multipurpose audio program that usually incorporates an audio player, a ripper, an encoder, and a file organizer.
A software device that stores and catalogs audio files.
Used in the documentation to refer generically to a portable MP3 player. Any hardware that Rockbox runs on can be considered to be a Jukebox.
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Hey, why call my computer a jukebox? Not because it is. But because it can be. Read On
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