Definitions for "Arts"
aRts is a framework for developing modular multimedia applications. The sound server, artsd, allows multiple applications to cooperatively process and output sound and music. aRts is designed to provide its filter and synthesis capabilities to other applications using the multimedia communication protocol . aRts is also capable of modular realtime synthesis.
Movies, Television, Music...
Analog realtidssynthesizer. Navnet på den multimediaarkitektur/bibliotek/værktøjskasse som bruges af KDE-projektet (bemærk de store bogstaver)
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TooLoose Art
an international nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the creative power in people with disabilities
an International organiza
an international organization that provides opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to tap into their creativity and realize the value of their own artistic abilities
Automated Radar Terminal Systems. Computer-aided radar display subsystems capable of associating alphanumeric data with radar returns.
Automated Results Transfer System
Automated Radar Terminal System
Advanced Rural Transportation Systems. These are ITS technologies aimed at addressing the specific needs of rural communities, particularly the issues of mobility and road safety.
See Assisted reproductive technologies
Adaptive Restraint Technology System
an affiliate of the John F
an affiliate of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D
a company devoted to the promotion to traditional Indian handicraft for more than Two decades
Arts is a collection of perl scripts that allow you to input text into a quick and dirty knowledge base. It's designed to save information that is generated by email away for safekeeping in an organized web index.
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euphemism for fetishes.
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Amador Regional Transit System
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Faculty of Arts
a well-known trademark for industry and commrce
a Boston based group of six artists, who will be presenting a militia style art show
a design firm specializing in website development and interactive presentations
studies intended to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills (rather than occupational or professional skills); "the college of arts and sciences"
Studies in two fundamental areas of human knowledge--humanities and social sciences--are called Arts.
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American Race Truck Series
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a very special web site for you