Definitions for "Performer"
Keywords:  musician, singer, drama, dancer, talent
One who performs, accomplishes, or fulfills; as, a good promiser, but a bad performer; especially, one who shows skill and training in any art; as, a performer of the drama; a performer on the harp.
an actor (theatre actor, cinema actor, etc.), singer, musician, dancer or other person who acts, sings, recites, declaims, plays a musical instrument, dances or otherwise performs works of literature or art, including folklore, circus, variety and puppet shows, pantomimes, etc., as well as a conductor of musical and musical drama works
an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience
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Performer is a promo single from Trey Songz's second album Trey Day. This track is produced by Bei Maejor The song is about him talking to a stripper.
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Server at Johnny's
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ASL Browser
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an inclusive rather that this era brought
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a white guy who uses hung gar
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a deliverer of a message
A user or role assigned to perform a human activity (notification). Notification activities that are included in a process must be assigned to a performer.
a wide reaching the local phenomenon called
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a little behind
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a national resource, and is not to be wasted
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a load to handle down on the blocks
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a time as left-field or the original