Definitions for "Dancer "
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Dancer is a stable, low-profile, channel defending IRC bot, entirely written in C. It has been compiled successfully on a large range of unix flavours and amiga and win32 too.
an athlete of the arts
an athlete, who must have a love of competition and a desire to win
4-Thiobuscaline, highly addictive drug which is massaged into the gums; makes people selfish, pleased with themselves, and paranoid; prolonged use causes the user's gum steadily to recede which produces a permanent terrible smile.
Keywords:  sonic, treat, real
a real sonic treat
Keywords:  remarkable, career, account, man
a remarkable account of the career of a man
a performer who dances
an individual who interprets and performs the movements set by the choreographer
Keywords:  sidewall, bouncing, pin, off, end
Pin bouncing end to end, or end over end (usually off to SIDEWALL).
A roller interconnected to the braking system which keeps uniform tension on the web as it feeds into the printing unit.
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a mix of a knight class, oracle class, and the calculator class
a very different film for its best moments are concerned with creative process
Keywords:  say, little, person
a person who can say much about very little
a person who participates in a social gathering arranged for dancing (as a ball)
Keywords:  practices, one
One who dances or who practices dancing.