Definitions for "Practices"
A set of methods or procedures to be followed, as in best practices or standard practices. In e-learning, the methods used to communicate the content to the learner.
Social: the cultural and social activities through which we share our cultural knowledge, beliefs and values. (Macquarie Concise Dictionary, 3rd edn, 1998) Reading: reading is conducted in a range of contexts and for many different purposes. Each reading situation requires particular reading practices (such as code breaking or meaning making) suited to the purpose and context of the reading activity. The reader draws on appropriate social, cultural and cognitive resources to engage in the reading practice.
are a collection of services designed to improve service recipient outcomes.
an amalgam of modern, mundane attitudes with a superficial survey of the historical record
a service of the ASPIIRE and ILIAD IDEA Partnership Projects
The techniques, methodologies, procedures, and processes that are used in the organizations to get the job done. Good practices are those practices that have fostered improved business results and continue to enable the organization to improve. Bad practices are those that are detrimental to good business results. Data are gathered to create information that is used to measure results and determine if the practice is good, bad, or is worth further investigation.
The established applications of knowledge.