Definitions for "Learning Strategies"
Sequences of images, sounds and feelings that lead to learning. From a training viewpoint, ensure that you provide a mix of seeing, hearing and doing to cater for all strategies.
Planned methods or techniques for facilitating and enhancing learning (e.g., memorization techniques for assimilating material; cognitive techniques for making purposeful associations among ideas; social techniques for interacting with peers).
a cognitive orientation to learning, which provides students with a method for using their own abilities and knowledge to acquire, organize, and integrate new information.
Part of the non-endorsed (non-core) section of Training Packages. They provide possible ways of organising training in workplaces and training institutions.
Ways a person learns, for example, repeating something several times or explaining it out loud to oneself.
The demonstration of the process of learning in different ways
a method of thinking about or organizing thinking on a topic
Methods used by individuals in their interactions with learning tasks.