Definitions for "Constructivism"
This was a Russian movement developed from the Cubist collage and founded by Vladimir Tatlin. The emphasis was placed on the importance of movement in space rather than spatial volume.
A form of sculpture using wood, metal, glass, and modern industrial materials to represent a technological society.
an abstractionist artistic movement in Russia after World War I; industrial materials were used to construct nonrepresentational objects
a philosophical perspective derived from the work of Immanuel Kant which views reality as existing mainly in the mind, constructed or interpreted in terms of one's own perceptions. Note: In this perspective, an individual's prior experiences, mental structures, and beliefs bear upon how experiences are interpreted. Constructivism focuses on the process of how knowledge is built rather than on its product or object. Cp. social constructivism; transactional theory. Piaget's view that "the child must make and remake the basic concepts and logical thought forms that constitute his intelligence" (Gruber & Voneche, 1977).
The central idea of constructivism is that people construct knowledge (as opposed to knowledge being transmitted into their minds). Most people do not have a problem with this because most agree that students "interpret" their experiences in class and try to make sense of them, particularly when grappling with scientific concepts (as opposed to rote memorization of terms). Thus, the problem or difficulty is not typically with constructivism per se but with: recognizing the difference between when students are "constructing" knowledge vs. simply absorbing and regurgitating, and what constructivism implies about the types of teaching methodologies one should use.
A theory learning that claims people learn by constructing knowledge through social interactions with others.
An abstract style of stage setting that employs skeletal structures instead of real props.
Constructivist theatre resisted the use of representational sets, using more abstruct "constructions" on stage.