Definitions for "NEO-EXPRESSIONISM"
Dating from the early 1980's, this style reaffirmed the psychic emotionalism of the early twentieth-century Expressionism. It became perhaps the most distinctive direction in Postmodernism.
New” expressionism - a term originally applied to works done primarily by German and Italian, who came to maturity in the post-WWII era; and later expanded (in the 1980's) to include certain American artists. Neo- Expressionist works depict intense emotions and symbolism, sometimes using unconventional media and intense colors with turbulent compositions and subject matter.
A prefix meaning "new," here referring to a revival or renewed interest in German Expressionism and expressive art in general by American and European artists in the 1980s.
An aggressive style of large painting during the 1970's using thick layers of paint and sometimes smashed objects.