Definitions for "Baroque"
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, an artistic style common in the 17th century, characterized by the use of complex and elaborate ornamentation, curved rather than straight lines, and, in music a high degree of embellishment.
Hence, overly complicated, or ornamented to excess; in bad taste; grotesque; odd.
Florid style of late Renaissance architecture, common in the 18th century'
Irregular in form; -- said esp. of a pearl.
A cultured pearl that is asymmetrical and free form in shape.
It is a term used for irregular in shape, like baroque pearls, tumble-polished stones, or freedom shaped gem materials.
Baroque is a game engine written with the .NET framework to demonstrate the power of managed code. It is primarily coded with C#, with wrappers for commonly used unmanaged libraries. It also has integration layers for Lua.NET and IronPython.
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Bas Relief Basalt Ware
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v.: When you are out of Monet.
The usual financial status of musicians.