Definitions for "FreeForm"
Theatrical roleplaying events in which a large number (up to two hundred and fifty!) roleplayers simultaneously interact in a single area with minimal plot or gm intervention. In a freeform, one assumes a character and goes for broke! Freeforms are characterised by a low GM to player ratio and by a large degree of player independence - participants being free to characterise, plot, scheme or generally wheel and deal according to simple character sheets or game mechanics. Freeforms may or may not be driven by external plot events. Freeforms are an Australian invention. The world's first freeform was run by Peter Quinton at Octocon in Canberra, October 1982. The next was run at Cancon '83 and involved nearly 150 players.
Australian Usage: An advanced form of live-action role-playing, pioneered in Australia. It is typified by a large number of players (from 12 upwards). The game is run in real time, and the inter-character dynamics are such that it requires minimal GM intervention. Some of the ideas developed by freeformers have been adapted by White Wolf games for their proprietary game system Mind's Eye Theatre. American Usage: See Diceless Role-Playing.
an interactive roleplaying game in which all the players are characters with their own goals, abilities and even secrets
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FreeForm is a business form management system, which affords users to design and fill rich script-enabled forms. Form engine is XML/XSLT-based. The project assumes basic concepts of InfoPath, .NET technology and new ideas. See home page for more details.
Freeform, or freeform radio, is a radio station programming format in which the disc jockey is given total control over what music to play, regardless of music genre or commercial interests. Freeform radio stands in contrast to most commercial radio stations, in which DJs have little or no influence over programming structure or playlists. In the United States, freeform DJs are still bound by Federal Communications Commission regulations.
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A type of coaster design unique to each ride, having depended on terrain, the ride designer and the wishes of the park.
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An opal that has been cut into an irregular shape.
Any stone cut without a standard uniform shape or outline.
A stone cut in an unusual or non-calibrated shape