Definitions for "Terrain "
A tract of ground regarding its topographical features or fitness for some use.
Use of natural terrain features prominently in the ride.
Terrain is the way Rail3D 2kD models the shape of the surface of the Earth. Unlike previous versions of Rail3D, there is no ground plane - your track will simply be floating in space until you add some terrain to your layout.
(a.k.a. TerrainInfo ) A type of geometry in the form of a heavily tessellated sheet than can be deformed and sculpted using the Terrain Editor tool within the Unreal Editor. For more information on using Terrain, see the TerrainTutorial document.
Terrain is a client/server system to visualize terrain from a first person view. The whole project is written using J2EE and Java 3D. The system is designed to visualize different first person graphics, altough so far only a server that could visualize terrains is implemented. The terrain model is stored in multiple resolutions depending on the distance of the viewer.
Geographical information and models that can be either randomly generated or based on actual data. Dynamic terrain is an important goal for current SIMNET applications.
a scene in which surfaces are defined by a single depth map, z(x) That is, all points below the surfaces are occupied
Area of the surface with a distinctive geological character.
Terrain, or relief, is the third or vertical dimension of land surface. When relief is described underwater, the term bathymetry is used. Topography has recently become an additional synonym, though in many parts of the world it retains its original more general meaning of description of place.