Definitions for "Tract"
Verses of Scripture sung at Mass, instead of the Alleluia, from Septuagesima Sunday till the Saturday befor Easter; -- so called because sung tractim, or without a break, by one voice, instead of by many as in the antiphons.
A sentence of scripture sung or said in place of the alleluia verse during Lent.
a soloistic chant from the mass which replaces the alleluia in penitential seasons. It has several verses, sung by the soloist.
Something drawn out or extended; expanse.
tractus = a flock of wool drawn out for spinning, a long piece of pastry dough, a wide expanse; a bundle of nerve fibres in central nervous system.
A bundle of axons in the central nervous system.
A written discourse or dissertation, generally of short extent; a short treatise, especially on practical religion.
A region or quantity of land or water, of indefinite extent; an area; as, an unexplored tract of sea.
Continued or protracted duration; length; extent.
NOUN: A leaflet or pamphlet containing a declaration or appeal, especially one put out by a religious or political group.
A brief pamphlet designed to share Gospel truths or to invite persons to accept Jesus Christ.
a short written work, usually of a political or religious nature
an eerie echo of Holocaust revisionism in that the ZOA is implicitly challenging atrocity information because it came from a Jewish Communist
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The footprint of a wild beast.
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Track; trace.
To trace out; to track; also, to draw out; to protact.
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Traits; features; lineaments.
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Treatment; exposition.
an opening created by a small incision through the skin and tissues directly into the kidney
Continuity or extension of anything; as, the tract of speech.
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See "Lot".
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a useful thing, but a living word is better
a system of body parts that together serve some particular purpose
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Tract House