Definitions for "ANS"
autonomic nervous system. The division of the nervous system that regulates involuntary functions; innervates endocrine glands, smooth muscle, and heart muscle; and initiates the physiological changes that are part of the expression of emotion. See sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.
autonomic nervous system. A major component of the peripheral nervous system, which regulates the body's internal environment by stimulating glands and by maintaining internal organs such as the heart, gall bladder, and stomach. go to glossary index
autonomic nervous system. controls the activities of organs, glands, and various involuntary muscles.
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Alaska North Slope
Alaskan North Slope. Crude oil produced in the North Slope region of Alaska.
ANS was an box set created and produced by Coil. The album uses a strange and esoteric photoelectric synthesizer known as the ANS synthesizer. It was built around half a century ago and still to this day sits where it was originally conceived; in the Moscow State University.
ANS was a CD-R created and produced by Coil with use of the famed ANS synthesizer. The CD-R originally sold at Mutek 2003, in Montreal, Canada for their performance on 2003 May 29. The CD-R came in black c-shell case.
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Aquatic Nuisance Species
WER: A formal statement, generally written, stating the defence of a legal case.
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Advanced Network and Services¸ß1/4
Advanced Network Services. ANS runs one of the largest, high-speed networks on the Internet. Run by Merit, MCI, and IBM.
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Alphanumeric special
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Autograph Note Signed (hand-written and signed by same individual)
NAS Transition and Integration Program
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Edit / See: Calls Answered
Standards developed and approved by organizations accredited by ANSI.
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American National Standard
American National Standards.
Automatic Noise Suppression. Reduces background noise from an audio signal.
Agent name server. An agent name server is a process which has in charge the identification (and management of addresses) of the various repositories. It is identified by an URL. In CO4, the ANS also manages the data of the repositories.
See agent name server.
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Air Navigation School