Definitions for "Calls"
The position of greyhounds around the horse track.
The position of each greyhound at specific points around the racing oval, as "called" by the track Chartwriter during a race.
California Academic Libraries List of Serials. Formerly issued in microfiche format, formed the basis for the current Melvyl Periodicals database.
Used by members of a fraternity or sorority as a means to identify members and show unity.
This option contract gives the investor holding the option the right to buy at a fixed price within a certain timeframe. It also obligates the writer to sell, a specified number of shares of the underlying stock at the given strike price, on or before the contract's expiration date.
Generally, an option to buy 100 shares of stock at a future date and at a set price.
An installment called up by a company on contributing or partly paid shares. A legal liability for shareholders of other than a "No Liability" company.
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See “ Puts and calls.