Definitions for "Fraternity"
The state or quality of being fraternal or brotherly; brotherhood.
A body of men associated for their common interest, business, or pleasure; a company; a brotherhood; a society; in the Roman Catholic Church, an association for special religious purposes, for relieving the sick and destitute, etc.
Men of the same class, profession, occupation, character, or tastes.
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an experience, make sure you join the one that you know you'll get the best out of your four years (maybe five) at
Fraternity was an Australian rock band active in the early 1970s. They are notable mainly for their lead vocalist Bon Scott who was later to join AC/DC; and Jimmy Barnes, Scott's replacement, who went on to join Cold Chisel and have a very successful solo career.
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A group of people linked together by similar interests.
a group of spanners of like mind, usually performing a unique service to other spanners and/or the Continuum
Freely choosing and being allowed to enter into a cooperative relationship with others where shared values direct the work of the individual toward the good of the group Item_Analysis.Kehoe.doc
a mutual aid organisation sometimes, but not always, associated with a single craft or trade. In common use in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the term was by the end of that time usually synonymous with 'friendly society'.
university society for male students
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an excellent way for you to donate your time for a good cause
people engaged in a particular occupation; "the medical fraternity"
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a way of life