Definitions for "Intake"
Those entering the Armed Forces or Civilian workforce. Includes new recruits, re-entrants and transfers from other Forces. If taken over a sufficiently long time, intake figures may include the same individuals more than once, if they were re-entrants.
Period where students interested in MGC or NPHC organizations can receive a bid to join.
a one-on-one meeting with an SCRS staff member and you
Amount of material inhaled, ingested, or absorbed dermally during a specified period of time.
Amount of a substance that is taken into the body, regardless of whether or not it is absorbed; the total daily intake is the sum of the daily intake by an individual from food, drinking-water, and inhaled air. No entries
The amount of a compound that is inhaled, ingested, or absorbed over a certain period of time.
The review of a case by a court official; Decisions to proceed with a case or not are often made at this stage.
The process of receiving applications, inquiries, and referrals; applies also to reports of complaints of abuse or neglect.
First court proceeding in Family Court where the petition is read and charges/demands explained.
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the first point of entry for water flowing into a process or system. The Southern Nevada Water System's two primary water intakes are located at Saddle Island, more than 100 feet beneath the surface of Lake Mead.
The entrance to a turbine at a dam, diversion works, or pumping station.
The point at which water is diverted from a river or stream to the turbine via a diversion. A trash rack/filter and settling tank are often installed at the intake point to prevent debris and sand or silt from reaching the turbine. See also: Diversion, Forebay, Penstock
The place where water, air, or other substance is taken into a pipe, conduit, or machine; -- opposed to outlet.
The quantity taken in; as, the intake of air.
A postgraduate admission period. There are six intakes in the year. For 2006 admissions the Intake dates are
The first step in the child support process that involves all of the activities to open a child support case.
The department of the Society that receives, responds to, and assesses all requests for agency service and includes the assessment of child abuse reports.
The process an agency uses to determine if a child is eligible for the services they offer.
Material to be filtered. Also referred to as concentrate, feed, influent, liquor, mud, prefilt, pulp, slimes or sludge.
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See inbye.
Amount of forage an animal will consume. May be expressed as pounds of dry matter/head or as a percent of animal liveweight. Potassium.
a measure of exposure expressed as the mass of a substance in contact with the exchange boundary per unit body weight per unit time (e.g., mg chemical/kg body weight-day). Also termed the normalized exposure rate equivalent to administered dose. [Source: Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund: Volume I -- Human Health Evaluation Manual ( Part A). Interim Final. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Emergency and Remedial Response. EPA/540/1-89/002, Definitions for Chapter 6
That portion of the input that learners attend to and take into short-term memory. Intake may he subsequently incorporated into interlanguage. [35
Intake is usually the first step taken by a worker when a client seeks help. Intake is a process whereby a request for service is made by or for a person and it is then determined whether and what kind of service is to be provided. The social worker attempts to gather initial information from the client in order to determine what assistance is needed, and whether the agency and worker is the appropriate provider.
Initial discussion with the client (transferee) where available services are outlined and the professional background (for dual career) and specific needs of the client are defined.
a real bimodally distributed thing
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See heated intake, intake manifold, intake port, intake stroke, intake valve, and ram intake manifold.
The opening through which air enters the aircraft engine
The passage through which fresh air is drawn or forced into a mine or to a section of a mine.
An opening in the surface to allow air to flow in, usually to cool brakes, engine, or occupants for passenger comfort.
the beginning of a contraction or narrowing in a tube or cylinder.
an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
Those activities which result in an individual's entry into the agency and the action taken to finalize arrangements (i.e. funding, housing, programming) necessary for such entry. [Click Here To Return To List
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the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)
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a good place to start for power