Definitions for "Drainage"
A draining; a gradual flowing off of any liquid; also, that which flows out of a drain.
The mode in which the waters of a country pass off by its streams and rivers.
The system of drains and their operation, by which superfluous water is removed from towns, railway beds, mines, and other works.
The ability of a geotextile to collect and transport fluids. Liquids or gases are transmitted within the plane of the geotextile and this involves flow across the geotextile. For example, geotextiles are used to capture and transmit gases (eg methane) beneath the geomembrane in a landfill capping system.
Edgar Cayce used the term drainage in reference to the body's natural capacity to cleanse itself via the cleansing flow of the blood (venous) and lymph.
The migration of oil or gas in a reservoir toward a wellbore due to pressure reduction caused by production of reservoir fluids by the well. A drainage point is a wellbore (or in some cases several wellbores) which drains the reservoir.
The process of forcing a non-wetting phase into a porous rock. Oil migrates into most reservoirs as the non-wetting phase, so initial charging of the reservoir is a drainage process.
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Drainage is used to represent major field works where large channels are cut across fields and infilled with stones to aid the drainage of the land. Often fulachta fiadh are the victims of such works, and their stone used to line the newly dug channels.
The act, process, or means of drawing off the pus or fluids from a wound, abscess, etc.
Conduction of electric current from an underground metallic structure by means of a metallic conductor. Forced drainage is that applied to underground metallic structures by means of an applied electromotive force or sacrificial anode. Natural drainage is that from an underground structure to a more negative (more anodic) structure, such as the negative bus of a trolley substation.
the entire area drained by a river and all its tributaries; a small valley.
There are two types of drainage. The first deals with sewerage and is a specific licensed trade area in itself. The second refers to the drainage of site stormwater etc from gardens to the street.
area of land drained by a stream or river.
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A Features field to indicate the type of drainage. (Public Storage Drain, Sump Pump)
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emptying accomplished by draining
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a media with good structure will drain freely and help provide good oxygen content around the root zone.