Definitions for "Forebay"
An extra storage space provided near an inlet of a BMP to trap incoming sediments before they accumulate in a pond BMP (Schueler, 1987).
a reservoir or canal from which water is taken to run equipment (as a waterwheel or turbine) A sediment forebay is a settling basin or plunge pool constructed at the incoming discharge points of a stormwater BMP.The purpose of a sediment forebay is to allow sediment to settle from the incoming stormwater runoff before it is delivered to the balance of the BMP. A sediment forebay helps to isolate the sediment deposition in an accessible area, which facilitates BMP maintenance efforts.
Stormwater design feature that uses a small basin to settle out incoming sediment before it is delivered to a stormwater BMP.
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The breast wall and upper sill of a lock.