Definitions for "Tank"
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a heavily armored combat vehicle which moves on caterpillar treads, rather than wheels. It typically carries a cannon and a heavy machine, and sometimes other weapons. It is the main distinguishing weapon of an armored division.
Refers to a fighter class, or a person that can engage the enemy while other characters damage them.
A player packing so much armour you could accidentally hit them with your truck and they wouldn't notice. A character who whether intentionally or not has ridiculous amounts of protection. " Looks like a band of Ogres, lets wait until the tanks arrive".
A large basin or cistern; an artificial receptacle for liquids.
A pond, pool, or small lake, natural or artificial.
A usually artificial pool, pond, reservoir, or cistern, especiallly one used to hold water for drinking or for irrigation.
Tank (, born February 6, 1982) is a Taiwanese singer/songwriter.
Tank is the stage name of an American R&B singer, songwriter, musician, and producer.
Tank (born Eric Geisenheyner on July 1 1977, in Hamburg, Germany) is a German musician and martial artist known best as the vocalist on several hit techno songs. Born to Ghanaian parents, he was adopted by a family in Hamburg following the accidental death of his parents. He first came to prominence by winning several Karate championships in Hamburg, and eventually won a national championship.
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Denotes any game that explicitly centers around tanks, for the purposes of action, arcade, or simulation (or all three). Examples: M1 Tank Platoon, Battlezone, Soldier Boyz, Panzer General, etc.
"Tank" is a short story written by Francis E. Izzo that was first published in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine, March, 1979. "Tank" was the tale of a skeptical pinball arcade gamer's first experience with a truly amazing video game.
Tank is a coin-operated arcade game released on November 5, 1974 by Kee Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari, Inc. Like Pong (1972), it was a simple game with two players.
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a jail cell for temporarily holding prisoners, as in a police station.
A tank, usually for holding water, elevated high above the ground by a tall skeleton framework.
as much as a tank will hold
a stationary device designed to contain an accumulation of hazardous substance which is constructed of non-earthen materials (for example, concrete, steel, plastic) that provide structural support
A large closed container used for the storing, fermenting or blending wine. Tanks are often stainless steel, wood or fiberglass lined concrete.
An insulting term for a product of eugenics, especially the later types who were actually gestated in vats.
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The fuel tank is a fibre-reinforced bag that must meet criteria specified by the FIA. To ensure it is "puncture-proof" it is located within the monocoque and so is encased by the survival cell, the best protected part of the car.
a total collapse
A 210,000-gallon, collapsible, fabric tank in the IPDS, for storage of petroleum products; there are two tanks per tank-farm assembly, with three tank-farm assemblies per fuel unit and three fuel units per TPT.
Transportation Authority of Northern Kentucky
General designation of all vessels transporting oil, both crude oil and refined products.
General designation of all sea borne transportation of oil, both crude oil and refined products.
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a Wirbelwind
A vessel of large size to contain liquids.
an enclosed space used for holding liquids.
Vessel which contains oxidizer, fuel or pressurant for a rocket motor.
a movable, maneuverable platform that is survivable and shoots something off that goes out and kills something else
Tank, or Tonk, is a town in Pakistan, North-West Frontier Province; pop. (1901), 4402. It was the residence of a Nawab, who formerly exercised semi-independent powers. Here Sir Henry Durand, lieutenant-governor of the Punjab, was killed in 1870 when passing on an elephant under a gateway.
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Tank is a 1984 comedy, drama, and action movie starring James Garner, Shirley Jones, and C. Thomas Howell. The film was written by Dan Gordon and directed by Marvin J.
a non-profit media education organization working to provide communities with tools to understand and participate in critical decisions about our nation's media system and culture
a Philadelphia-based nonprofit for media education working to involve communities in media literacy and media policy education
a Philly nonprofit working to bring together media arts, education and activism to build a movement for media democracy
The furnace that melts the raw materials into molten glass. Temperatures in the tank vary depending on the glass type being melted, but are typically in excess of 1,200°C.
See furnace.
A large receptacle constructed in a furnace for melting the batch. Tanks replaced pots in larger glass factories in the 19th century.
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Tank Archetypes
A container to store the oil used to move the elevator.
store in a tank by causing (something) to flow into it
a named group of OpenWorkbench setting that are used to determine where data will be stored during an experiment and how blocks will be named. Also, a group of data stored by OpenEx's TTank data server or the files used to store the group of data.
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The SCIF reserved for use by the JCS.
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a formidable weapon when it can maneuver, but it is a fifty-two-ton pillbox when it cannot
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Tank is a British heavy metal band.
Tank is the sixth studio album by British alternative electronica band Asian Dub Foundation
A sleeveless, fitted bodice that is flattering on most figures because of its simple lines
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a lot like a gun or a sword- yes, it's possible to have a better one, but it doesn't matter all that much
a moving metal box with guns sticking out
A top similar to an undershirt with narrow straps, a U-neck and deep armholes.
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a horrible way to keep them, as some sites say, as they need to climb and both will glide from shelf to shelf
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(slang) (verb) huddle; not act for a long time.(slang) (noun) a state of intense concentration. [Usage: South went into the tank.
Originaly, this referred only to the style of case which had an "H" shape. The shape looked like a military tank viewed from above. Now, this refers to all rectangular and square shaped cases.
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A small Indian dry measure, averaging 240 grains in weight; also, a Bombay weight of 72 grains, for pearls.
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Large, oblong, ceramic container located behind the toilet bowl.
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See 9 CFR 178.345-1 (c).
an Industrial Age machine that completely hides humans inside and serves to turn humans into inanimate objects
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a great solution for staying cool during your workout
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a circuit that is used to sustain your PC and keep it running while you try to start your car
A parallel resonant circuit.
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treat in a tank; "tank animal refuse"
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the pool.
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a mobile direct fire platform
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a class whose primary role is
Keywords:  lose, big, match, lead, purpose
Lose a match after having a big lead, often on purpose