Definitions for "Elevator"
One who, or that which, raises or lifts up anything.
A cage or platform (called an elevator car) and the hoisting machinery in a hotel, warehouse, mine, etc., for conveying persons, goods, etc., to or from different floors or levels; -- called in England a lift; the cage or platform itself.
A muscle which serves to raise a part of the body, as the leg or the eye.
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A mechanical contrivance, usually an endless belt or chain with a series of scoops or buckets, for transferring grain to an upper loft for storage.
A building for elevating, storing, and discharging, grain.
a building for elevating, storing, discharging, and sometimes processing grain
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Elevator is Hot Hot Heat's second album, released on April 4, 2005 (see 2005 in music) internationally and a day later in the United States.
Elevator is a 1979 rock album by the Bay City Rollers. Having replaced longtime lead singer Les Mc Keown with Duncan Faure, the group shortened their name to simply The Rollers, and pursued a more rocking, power-pop sound than their previous work.
Elevator is a band from Moncton, New Brunswick. Started in 1994 as Elevator To Hell, a solo outlet for Eric's Trip lead man Rick White, the project eventually grew to include Eric's Trip drummer Mark Gaudet and White's wife Tara on bass. The band mainly produces hauntingly lo-fi psychedelia.
a car that travels between floors, stopping at precise heights
a car that travels up and down among the floors
a mechanism that does not remember all previous requests for service but the current floor, the direction of motion (up or down) and the collection of not-yet satisfied requests for services
A long piece of equipment which is powered by a tractor and moves items such as small hay bales to be stored under cover such as in the upper levels of a barn called a hayloft or in a hay shed.
The equipment used for moving seeds. Embryo The rudimentary plant within the seed. Endosperm The tissue of seeds developing from fertilization of the polar nuclei of the ovule by a second male nucleus that nourishes the embryo.
a delicate mechanism, a box on a string
an expensive piece of hi tech machinery combining several complex mechanical, electrical and electronic systems
an important mechanical device that you rely on each and every time you use it so trust a company like Savaria to meet your needs
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see Dermal Elevator
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A device that raises materials from one level to another; may be powered by a belt or chain.
Clamp which grips a stand or column of casing, tubing, drill pipe, or sucker rods so that it can be raised or lowered into the hole.
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is a double base stunt where you and your stunt partner are holding 1 of the flyers foot so that you both have a foot and is held at shoulder level
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an instrument which can be pressed in between two teeth or in between a tooth and the jaw bone
Dental instrument used to remove teeth.
a transportation device used to movegoods or people vertically
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(Slang)  A hydraulic or electrically powered end gate on a truck or trailer.
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introduction and impact
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a concern to me for two reasons
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an example of such a model