Definitions for "Skids"
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The section of a helicopter's landing gear that makes contact with the ground. The skids are mounted parallel to the helicopter's fuselage and usually turn up in the front to avoid "stubbing" on heavy takeoffs. Report this Word Added by: deves
A runner used on an aircraft landing gear instead of tires.
Battens, or a series of parallel runners, fitted beneath boxes or packages to raise them clear of the floor to permit easy access of forklift blades or other handling equipment.
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Skids (Sally Blevins) is a Marvel Comics mutant. Created by writer Louise Simonson and artist Jackson Guice, she first appeared in X-Factor vol. 1 #7 (August 1986).
Skids (Platon in Canada, Furetto in Italy) is the name used for four characters in the Transformers Universes. Due to copyright reasons, the name was modified to "Skid-Z" for it to be used on new characters and an "Autobot" prefix was added when the original Skids toy was reissued and when he became an Alternator.
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Sturdy poles placed at right angles to a log pile in order to roll logs onto the pile.
(1) On the ATS frame, the skids determine the distance between the uprights, allowing the carriage to run along the tracks smoothly. (2) Log skids (preferably wooden) elevate the log off the ground to minimise wastage at the base of the log. EZ Dogs or notches can be used on the log skids to assist in holding the log.
A skeleton framework used to hold structural assemblies above ground.
Skids are the longitudinal members attached to the bottom of the crate or box which serve to support and transfer the load to the side panels.
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Synonym for pallets.