Definitions for "Tailgate"
Rolling prematurely; i.e. before your opponent has picked up their dice.
To roll prematurely (before your opponent has picked up their dice). Tailgating is frowned upon in tournament play and the roll does not legally count and must be re-rolled.
To roll your dice before your opponent takes his dice off the board.
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Rear-most door providing access to the luggage area.
A subsidiary gate road to a conveyor face as opposed to a main gate. The tailgate commonly acts as the return airway and supplies road to the face.
v. To go through a badge-controlled door without using your own badge (from a Security perspective: bad behavior).
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tailboard (on lorry)
A style of trombone playing that combines counterpoint and bass roles; common in traditional (New Orleans / Chicago) jazz
follow at a dangerously close distance; "it is dangerous to tailgate another vehicle"
a fun and often elaborate picnic in a parking lot prior to a football game or other similar event
Selling specimens from the back of a vehicle in the parking lot at a show.
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The outlet of a natural gas processing plant where dry residue gas is delivered or re-delivered for sale or transportation.