Definitions for "Gooseneck"
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A fitting by which the boom is attached to the mast. May be fixed for sliding.
On a drop-frame chassis, the gooseneck is the upper level at the front of the chassis together with the structure connecting it to the lower level behind it. The gooseneck on the chassis structure fits into the gooseneck tunnel recess of containers built with this feature. This provides the securing and stability for the container at the front. The rear of the container is secured with the normal twistlock assembly.
A swivel fitting that connects the boom to the mast
Keywords:  swan, highboys, pediment, spout, arch
something in a thin curved form (like the neck of a goose)
Spout connecting a metal pot or chamber with a nozzle or sprue hole in the die and containing a passage through which molten metal is forced on its way to the die. It is the metal injection mechanism in a hot chamber type of die casting machine.
Also called swan-neck or broken arch, gooseneck is a curved arch of the pediment of highboys and the like.
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A trailer and hitch configuration connected to the tow truck directly above the rear axle by way of a standard ball hitch in the truck bed and a vertical, slender arm on front of the trailer. Gooseneck hitching is common on horse and utility trailers, but rarely found on RV's.
Gooseneck shaped front end of a trailer or chassis. Recess front bottom of a container to reduce the total height of the chassis plus container.
a kind of combined horse float and caravan which gets hitched up behind a truck
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Head of pesticide sprayer lance inclined at 60 to shaft.
The "S" bend in the shaft of some putters.
A putter (or iron) that has an extremely offset hosel.
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Rigging Ground tackle Rigging Gyn Rigging , Parts , Tools Hackle Tools , Rigging
Rigging GPS Abbreviations
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A bight made in the standing part of a rope when tying a bowline.
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Saddle staplers feature what's known as a gooseneck. This space allows papers to be easily placed on the saddle for stapling. The size of the gooseneck will determine the size of paper that can be saddle stapled.
A portion of a water service connection between the distribution system water main and a meter. Sometimes called a pigtail.