Definitions for "Pediment"
Originally, in classical architecture, the triangular space forming the gable of a simple roof; hence, a similar form used as a decoration over porticoes, doors, windows, etc.; also, a rounded or broken frontal having a similar position and use. See Temple.
a window, low-pitched gable surmounting a colonnade or major division of a facade.
in classical architecture, a low-pitched, triangular gable above a portico. A pediment can also be a similar feature above doors and pictures
Keywords:  bedrock, arid, gently, fluvial, erodes
A planar, sloping rock surface forming a ramp up to the front of a retreating mountain range in an arid region. It may be covered locally by thin alluvial deposits.
The broad, nearly horizontal bedrock surface at the base of a retreating desert cliff.
A broad, gently sloping erosional surface of low local relief adjacent to an eroding cliff or mountain range. The area is likely covered with sediments.
An ornamental crest running across the top of tall 18th century piece such as high boy or chests.
usually refers to the very top part of the clock, the hood over the mechanism
An ornamental crest running across the top of tall piece such as a highboy chest, curio cabinet, grandfather clock, etc.