Definitions for "Headwall"
A steep slope at the head of a valley like the rock cliff at the back of a cirque.
vertical ("wall") or near-vertical section of slope at the uphill end ("head") of a valley, ravine, cirque, etc.
where the face of a mountain steepens dramatically.
A device placed at the end(s) of a culvert. Headwalls are used to: Retain the road formation soil around and above the culvert ends; Direct the entry/exit of water to/from the culvert; Prevent erosion at the entrance and exit to the culvert. Headwalls may be constructed from rock, gabion baskets, concrete, sandbags or logs.
A wall (of any material) at the end of a culvert or, drain to serve one or more of the following purposes: protect fill from scour or undermining; increase hydraulic efficiency, divert direction of flow, and serve as a retaining wall.
a retaining wall attached to the end of a culvert