Definitions for "Cribbing"
Keywords:  grunt, manger, gulp, incisor, stall
A vicious habit of a horse; crib-biting. The horse lays hold of the crib or manger with his teeth and draws air into the stomach with a grunting sound.
A stable vice in which the horse places its upper teeth on the edge of a feeder or fence, arches its neck, inhales, and often produces a grunt or belching sound.
undesirable habit, most often found in young horses, of grasping an object with the teeth and sucking a gulp of air into the stomach.
A framework of timbers and plank backing for a shaft lining, to prevent caving, percolation of water, etc.
Cribbing time meant playing the card game cribbage, usually in the lunchroom when you should have been working. The lunch box became known as a crib box and lunch was refereed to as having your crib. The term also applied to the close setting of timbers usually in porous ground to stop leaching.
(1) timber framing to retain the walls and ceiling of an adit opening or drift, and prevent loose materials from falling, (2) a method of timbering in underground mining used primarily to rectify the removal of too great a percentage of the rock on the advance, and has the effect of replacing part of the rock.
Purloining; stealing; plagiarizing.
The act of inclosing or confining in a crib or in close quarters.
Keywords:  pliers, lens, break, excess, glass
Using pliers to break excess glass from the required shape of a lens.
Keywords:  assembled, pads, chains, cables, tools
Generally refers to the specially cut and/or assembled pieces of wood used to support raised objects, as ground pads or bases to place tools that are working, and as blocks over which chains and cables pass while moving objects.