Definitions for "Footing"
Ground for the foot; place for the foot to rest on; firm foundation to stand on.
The act of adding up a column of figures; the amount or sum total of such a column.
The thickened or sloping portion of a wall, or of an embankment at its foot.
Keywords:  blubber, wholly, finer, whale, refuse
The finer refuse part of whale blubber, not wholly deprived of oil.
Keywords:  tread, step, especially, measured
Tread; step; especially, measured tread.
Keywords:  friendly, respect, status, laws, good
status with respect to the relations between people or groups; "on good terms with her in-laws"; "on a friendly footing"
Keywords:  lace, cotton, narrow, figures
A narrow cotton lace, without figures.
Standing; position; established place; basis for operation; permanent settlement; foothold.
Keywords:  anything, putting, added, stocking, act
The act of putting a foot to anything; also, that which is added as a foot; as, the footing of a stocking.
Keywords:  racing, surface, condition
condition of racing surface
Keywords:  relative, condition
Relative condition; state.
Keywords:  vagina, anus, insertion
insertion of some or all of a foot into a vagina or anus.
Keywords:  describe, material, may
Same as foot. It may describe the material used for the foot.