Definitions for "Girder"
Keywords:  joist, beam, steel, partition, floor
A main beam; a stright, horizontal beam to span an opening or carry weight, such as ends of floor beams, etc.; hence, a framed or built-up member discharging the same office, technically called a compound girder. See Illusts. of Frame, and Doubleframed floor, under Double.
A large or principal beam of wood or steel used to support concentrated loads at isolated points along its length
A large beam supporting floor joists at the same level as the sills. A larger or principal beam used to support concentrated loads at isolated points along its length.
Abeam, usually steel, to bridge an open space. Girders may be rolled sections, build up from plates, or of lattice construction
Commonly used to refer to a primary member placed along the longitudinal axis of a bridge. Used interchangeably with the term stringer.
Girder is DC Comics supervillain and a new rogue to the Flash (Wally West). He first appeared in Flash: Iron Heights (2001).
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One who girds; a satirist.
Any structure to cross a chasm or opening. The term is generally applied to short structures for places where it is not advisable to use trusses; for instance, a plate girder, or a rolled girder.
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Major timber that spans between sills.
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One who, or that which, girds.