Definitions for "comics"
Used generically in the industry and throughout the site to refer to any sort of literature that combines story and art, whether as an ongoing series, mini-series, maxi-series, graphic novel, or other format.
A form of literature that tells a story in a sequential, graphical narrative.
The section of a newspaper containing mostly comic strips; -- called also funnies and funny papers. Many but not all newspapers have a comics section.
Denotes any game that uses characters or settings based off comic books (or strips). Examples: The Punisher, X-Men, etc.
Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence (from the book "Understanding Comics - The Invisible Art" by Scott McCloud.
a group of independent artists who are joining together to venture into the wide, wonderful, intimidating world of self publishing
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topographic maps
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a combination of my comic efforts