Definitions for "Narrative"
Keywords:  story, fiction, ballad, told, epic
Of or pertaining to narration; relating to the particulars of an event or transaction.
Apt or inclined to relate stories, or to tell particulars of events; story-telling; garrulous.
That which is narrated; the recital of a story; a continuous account of the particulars of an event or transaction; a story.
a normalizing discourse that delineates both the positive and negative signifiers of American citizenship in ways that mobilize cultural anxieties, disdain, and revenge
a specific kind of discourse characterized by the possibility of incorporating an ontological construction that may or may not be identical to that of the physical world
A series of time-related text messages. Typically these may represent the narrative recorded in a control room during an exercise, but alternatively they may contain a series of status messages retrieved from a sensor or weapon. All that is required is that the message have a DTG attached and that it may be represented in text form.
a journalistic form that has fallen into considerable disfavor in the wake of our craft's ceaseless, self-flagellating credibility crisis
a grandiose and outdated appellation that makes those who write them look like prima donnas and those who don't look like overworked hacks
illustrates a storyline, relationship or specific point about a given show. Includes dramatic or "angsty" as well as comedy and romantic videos.
A summary of your theory that explains the pathways of change, highlights some of your major assumptions, justifications and interventions, and presents a compelling case as to how and why your initiative expects to make a difference. The narrative may also contain some information that is additional to what is in your theory, such as your overall vision, the history of how your initiative came to be, and some community context. The purpose of the narrative is twofold: (1) to convey the major elements of your theory easily and quickly to others; (2) to better understand how the elements of the theory work as a whole. We usually recommend that narrative shouldn't be more than one or two pages.
a representation of the confrontation of somebody who wants something with a threat and/or promise of a transformation that he or she struggles to bring about or prevent or both
a statement of purpose, articulating the rationale for this customized interdisciplinary program
A text box for entering a teacher defined description of the assessment. It defaults to the Name of the assessment.
A descriptive section in a letter of intent that provides insight into a program or idea.
words that are not part of dialogue. For example, descriptions, thoughts, actions, and setup.
Within AETL, narratives give the explanation of what is included in standards and guidelines.
a document prepared annually to request funding for the Installation Restoration Program that is forwarded to Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command for approval
a rough sketch of what information a prospect will need to complete a conversion in a specific scenario
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A comment appended to an entry in a journal. It can be used to describe the nature of the transaction, and often in particular, where the other side of the entry went to (or came from).
an elegant solution to the problems it raises
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a passive experience
The narrative of a deed is similar to what is termed "recitals" in English law and sets out the basis of the transaction, the most common being sale.
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a chance to say, This is me, and these are the reasons why I should be selected for said course