Definitions for "Setup"
Four to six hand trucks placed in formation beside the door of a storage car to facilitate the separation of the mail and parcels being unloaded.
Preparation of a car-including the suspension package, weight distribution, aerodynamic package, tire pressure, gearing and engine tuning - all key details for a race or qualifying.
Slang term for the tuning and adjustments made to a race car's suspension before and during a race.
Playing a word that you will be able to play off of or through on your next turn.
Making various adjustments at the nut, saddle and truss rod that affect the playability of the guitar.
a series of adjustments to keep all of the components of your guitar playing in balance
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An arrangement of cups. Related Terms: Arrangement, Aztec, Bridge, Consolidation, Diamond, Dipper, Final Cup, Firing Squad, Flank, Flying V, Formation, Gambit, Lone Wolf, Split, Triangle of Death / Triangle of Skill, Wall, Wing
(1) Way in which a function room is arranged. (2) Mixers, fruit, and glassware accompanying a liquor order.
in magic, cards or other props are sometimes put in a specific order or position before a performance. This is called a setup.
Explaining the handle of the scene to the audience before the scene starts. Also involves doing an ask-for. The performer who does the setup usually shouldn't start off on stage in the scene.
a command sequence that readies the device for operation
A change in the position of the camera angle or a change in the scene.
The assembly and arrangement of the tools and apparatus required for the performance of an operation. The preparation necessary for the commencement of a task. To put someone in a compromising position. A software executable program for the installation of a software application on some computer platforms. [D03269] RMW
a situation where you are forced into compromising your own beliefs, standards, or institutional rules
The starting situation when play commences. In other words, what position and resources does a player have when starting out.
One of the CHAIMS language primitives used to establish connection between a megaprogram and a megamodule as a thread context.
The difference between the blackest level displayed on the receiver and the blanking level (see Figure Gl-6). A black level that is elevated to 7.5 IRE instead of being left at 0.0 IRE, the same as the lowest level for active video. Because the video level is known, this part of the signal is used for black-level clamping circuit operation. Setup is typically used in the NTSC video format and is typically not used in the PAL video format; it was originally introduced to simplify the design of early television receivers, which had trouble distinguishing between video black levels and horizontal blanking. Also called pedestal. Figure Gl-6 video waveform Figure 30. Waveform Monitor Readings with and without Setup
The set of activities required to prepare a resource for a production run that requires different settings or tooling than the previous run. Setup costs include the labor required for machine adjustments, consumables used and defective items produced while finalizing the setup.
A laboratory procedure in which teeth are removed from the plaster cast and repositioned in wax. May be used as a diagnostic tool to evaluate alternative treatment plans, particularly when orthognathic surgery is required in addition to orthodontic treatment.
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Administration, Personalization, customization (deprecated) Application administrators and project managers prepare an application for use by their users with functionality provided on a "Setup" tab -- typically a one-time process. Routine administration tasks should be performed on an "Administration" tab. yes Personalization and Set Up Functions in BLAF: Overview
Changing »parameters of a program, so it behaves differently. You can tell the setup, that you have a soundcard, that you want to use a joystick, ...
A kart's setup is the set of all variables of the system, i.e. the setting of all those things which can be modified on the kart (which is a lot). A different setup may induce different handling characteristics, or may be suitable for different track conditions. E.g. a kart may have a 'rain setup' and a 'dry setup'. The setup may also be different for different drivers. Some of the things which make up a specific setup are: rear- and front track, seat position, weight distribution, etc.
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A weak return of a shot that results in an easy opportunity for a player to hit the ball for a winner.
a planned pattern of pegging which permits the player to double-link in either of two directions during the third move
consists of a player's grip, stance, posture and ball position.
in the breeding of rodents, the placement of a female in the same cage with a male for purposes of mating and production of newborn
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a rather strange one
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The charge for setting up any of the Clarahost accounts. This is free.
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a Personal Criteria Formula (PCF) that that must test true before a stock will qualify to enter a trade
A button in the Calendar, Mailer, and Text Editor Print dialog boxes that displays the Print Setup dialog box. See Print Setup.
an act that incriminates someone on a false charge
Custom programming necessary for every batchload project.
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Installation of display(s).
an application or process that allows you to package up your application into an easy-to-deploy format, which then can be used to install the application on another machine
The process of installing a new account on a server.
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The Setup Man comes in to pitch in close games before the 9th inning (i.e. before the closer tries to save the game). He should be your team's 2nd best short reliever.
Two suited decks, each with different colored backs, to replace the current decks in a game.
A menu-driven program which allows you to change the standard system configuration.
A program that allows you to make changes to the system configuration.
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The process of addressing the ball, so that the club and body are properly aimed and aligned.
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a simple fix
a simple text file
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the act of setting up your booth and putting out your merchandise.
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A move which sets up a hook for a specific letter.
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the prescribed area in a set where filming takes place.
The process of mounting or attaching a vehicle to a pulling system.
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Most common in Windows, the practice of copying a program’s files to a computer’s disk drive and setting the operating system to run it.
a good example of several page modulation techniques
equipment designed to serve a specific function