Definitions for "Modulation"
The alteration of hte amplitude, intensity, frequency, or phase (of the carrier wave of a radio signal) at intervals, so as to represent information to be transmitted.
Impressment of information on a carrier signal by varying one or more of the signal's basic characteristics: frequency, amplitude and phase.
In relation to typography, modulation means the usually cyclical and predictable variation in width of the stroke. In unmodulated letterforms, such as Helvetica, the stroke is always fundamentally the same width. In a Renaissance face such as Bembo or Garamond, the stroke is based on the trace of a broad nib pen, which makes thin cross strokes and thicker pull strokes. When letters are written with such an instrument, modulation automatically occurs.
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A change of key, whether transient, or until the music becomes established in the new key; a shifting of the tonality of a piece, so that the harmonies all center upon a new keynote or tonic; the art of transition out of the original key into one nearly related, and so on, it may be, by successive changes, into a key quite remote. There are also sudden and unprepared modulations.
1. a change of key-- a combination of a tonic and a mode. 2. a smooth, gradual change from one state to another, e.g.tempo, key, meter, timbre, etc.
The process of changing keys in a tonal work, as in "the modulation from C major to F minor."
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Sound modulated; melody.
A continuous controller that can be applied to synthesized note(s), usually from a wheel to the left of the lowest keyboard note. The sound is usually a vibrato, which gets applied more as you move the wheel farther forward.
The fast oscillation of one or more operators or sound waves of a synthesized sound. Commonly used in FM synthesis to add some complexity and texture to a sound. Many MIDI controllers and keyboards provide a specific wheel or slider for controlling the modulation of an instrument sound (often referred to as the mod-wheel).
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The act of modulating, or the state of being modulated; as, the modulation of the voice.
rise and fall of the voice pitch
a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified
Of a control, tending to adjust by increments and decrements.
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"Nothing is bad in modulation."
When, with all other ports set to isolation, one port is repeatedly switched ON and OFF.
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A stepping back or projecting forward of sections of a structure's façade within specified intervals of building width and depth, as a means of breaking up a structure's apparent bulk.
the act of modifying or adjusting according to due measure and proportion (as with regard to artistic effect)
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To take a section of music and move it to a different mode.
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Regulating information flow
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Modulation Generator