Definitions for "Keyboard"
The whole arrangement, or one range, of the keys{3} of an organ, piano, typewriter, etc.; that part of a device containing the keys{3} used to operate it.
An item of hardware, rather like a typewriter, that enables you to type text/numbers/commands into your computer. Different countries have different keyboard configurations for language reasons, as do English and American keyboards.
An input device resembling a typewriter and consisting of a standardized layout of buttons or keys with symbols, such as letters or numbers, that can be entered into a computer by pressing on the keys. (Kybdy, Gr. 1; Terms, K-3)
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a perfect companion to your handheld and smartphone
a musical instrument with a set of depressible levers, which makes the instrument produce sound
an electronic instrument played by
an electronic instrument with many features such as recording and the ability to play with headphones
The keyboard is used for logging in to the system and for logging in to I DEAS. The UNIX system of operating commands is case-sensitive and most typing is done without capitals.
a very natural way to exhibit this level of control, as long as you are holding the down arrow the player will be moving down
Controls of a CB set
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a poor substitute for a great organ
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an interface and so is a monitor
a very personal item, especially for gaming, and we can only offer a very basic recommendation to get you started